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Resolution of 1'280'000 steps at 320'000 pulses per revolution
With a resolution of 1'280'000 steps at 320'000 pulses per revolution, the new optical incremental angular encoder is a highlight of our fall exhibitions. The patented LowHarmonics technology® produces perfect sine wave signals, which are internally converted by a powerful interpolator into square wave signals. With a reproducibility of 0,012 degrees and a maximum switching frequency of 1,3 MHz, the signal quality is substantially better than in previous solutions and provides excellent properties for accurate positioning of machine components and dynamic speed control especially at low speed. This permits substantially better harmonized operation of production equipment, and the quality of the end product and the machine productivity are improved. The available resolutions can be programmed by the customer using PC software, increasing flexibility and reducing stock costs. Despite the housing diameter of just 58 mm, hollow shaft and through-hollow shaft diameters up to 12 mm have been implemented. Due to the short housing, the space requirement is very small, and the angular encoder can be integrated in a machine even in a restricted space.