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The World's Smallest Optical Sensor with Background Suppression
תא פוטואלקטרי 4 מ"מ עם דיכוי רקע
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Baumer confirms its leading position in matters of sensor miniaturization and precision. With the FHDK 04 the newest addition to the family of optical sensors comes onto the market – captivating with its extremely compact dimensions
(4 x 6 x 45 mm)! The smallest dimensions combined with the highest precision makes the FHDK 04 an attractive supplement to fiber optic sensors. It is convincing thanks to its highly efficient and precise background suppression. The directed-beam property permits even the smallest objects to be reproducibly detected at distances of up to 50 mm. Detection is impervious to dirt and is independent of the object's color or surface characteristics. Several sensors can operate next to one another without any optical interference among them. As a further highlight, the FHDK 04 also supports the IO-Link communication standard and is thus very well prepared for future requirements. The FHDK 04 is available for sensing distances of 30 mm or 50 mm (fixed).