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baumer O500

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IWFM 05U9701/S05
The new performance class category in optical sensor technology,the O500 series byBaumer, combines the most important properties that a sensor could offer:durability as well as safe and easy operation. The O500 series is setting newstandards particularly due to the ease of operation.

The new qTeach procedure is used to teach in sensors. Touching the teach-insurface with any ferromagnetic tool, such as a screwdriver, is enough toprogram the sensor. A blue LED light provides clear optical feedback. Toprevent user errors, qTeach locks autonomously after five minutes. In contrastto conventional mechanical pressure switches, Series O500 qTeach has no movingparts which fully eliminates any signs of long-term wear.

The new performance category of optical sensors includes three types ofsensors. One is the diffuse sensor with background suppression, whichguarantees the maximum functional reliability during object detection. Anotheris the retro-reflective sensor for reflective surfaces. It stands out primarilydue to its exceptionally long service life thanks to increased dirt resistance.And last but not least SmartReflect, the light barrier that operates completelywithout any separate reflector. With SmartReflect, downtimes due to a defectivereflector are a thing of the past. All three devices provide the highest degreeof reliability and convenience at reduced total operating costs.

IWFM05U9701/S05: Miniature sensor for accurate distance measurements