IWFM 05U9701/S05


IWFM05U9701/S05: Miniature sensor for accurate distance measurements

Baumer has made yet another move towards miniaturization with theIWFM 05U9701/S05 inductive linear sensor. Thanks to its unique compact design(5x5x32mm), it can be installed in the most confined spaces. The IWFM05U9701/S05 is the smallest rectangular inductive sensor with linear outputmeasurement available on the market. Taken together with its cylindricalcounterpart, the IWRM 04, Baumer now has the smallest distance-measuringinductive sensors in the world, for both types.

The small size of the sensor makes it possible to measure distances inapplications that has not been possible until now. And that means anywherewhere a sensor with a cylindrical housing would be too long.

At the same time, this rectangular "baby" version gives an impressiveperformance. With a high resolution of 1 micron at a measuring distance of 1millimeter, very small movements can be measured, even at differenttemperatures. With a response time of only 0.5 milliseconds, measurements canbe made in very fast applications. Repeatability is 0.01 millimeters. Thislinear sensor can be used in a wide range of applications, but is especiallysuited to handling & assembly or in machine tools.