Baumer ultrasonic sensor


New Baumer ultrasonic sensor Series 70 is conceived fordemanding applications

Thanks to the 6-meter detection range, the particularly slendersonic cone and integrated temperature compensation, these ultrasonic sensorsprovide precise and reliable results even under adverse conditions. Ultrasonicsensor Series 70 adds on four new product variants: Twodistance-measuring sensors UNAM 70 with one voltage and current outputeach and two distance measuring sensors UZAM 70, each with twouser-configurable PNP respectively NPN switching outputs.

The quartet provides the user with many product benefits, forexample in filling level applications for liquids or bulk material eitheroutdoor or inside silos. Independent of color, the sensors reliably detect evenglossy or highly transparent objects. Extremely resistant to dust, dirt andcontaminants, they provide continuous resolution and repeatability throughoutthe entire detection range. Integrated temperature compensation ensures highestprecision even in measurements at fluctuating temperatures.

Another sensor hallmark is the extremely slender sonic cone.Focused sonic energy guarantees an extraordinarily high signal quality evenunder most harsh ambient conditions, for example at strong winds.

The brass nickel-plated housing with IP67 protection makes the new Baumerultrasonic sensors maintain their excellence also in other demandingenvironments. The sensing distance up to 6 meters teachable either by button orexternal line enables an application-specific sensor adaptation.